I’m Back…For Now

As some of you may know, 2018 was a very challenging year for me and my family. God helped us through several challenges, including a miscarriage and the loss of two family members very close to us.

During that time, I felt God was leading me to take a hiatus from my extra activities, such as this blog and my YouTube channel. I talked a bit about that in this video:

I continued that hiatus through 2019, although I did do some prework and a lot of prayer about returning. I even recorded this video several months back, however it did not turn out to be the correct time to do a trial at that time.

As I discuss in the video, I’m going to return on a trial basis as I prayerful consider if I am able to sustainably share here and help others through this site without taking away from the big blocks within my life – time and serving with God, family, friends, homeschooling, and my virtual assistant work.

My plan is to check back in, either way, at the end of the month and let you know what to expect. In the meantime, please subscribe to my YouTube channel and/or this blog to see what I will be sharing this month.